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December 31, 2010 tanderson

Family aside, I ask myself what things at work keep me up at night
What causes worry, what do I dread, what would I like to make right

For me, there are just a few things that creep into my head
Causing me to toss and turn while staring into the darkness from my bed

Polar caps are disappearing, we have lost another arctic bear
Utilities are made of real people, why does the media think we don’t care

The industry is gearing up willing to be a piece of the solution and do our part
Getting the critics to consider reality and cost would be a good start

Some say that everyone should give solar panels or wind energy a try
I believe renewable systems would be in each yard if the price wasn’t so high

Legislation is coming that will demand a level of green power we must use
Price will not be considered, I fear the member will be the one to lose

The cost of power will continue to expand and rise
Those not paying attention will one day be in for a surprise

Amidst this rising new world our long time mission will see us through
With the baggage in tow, lights will remain on because it’s simply what we do

In our demanding, I want it now world of work each day
We have the people to get it done, to work until we find a way

We will smile and make promises that are considered to be as good as gold
Keeping our word, doing the right thing will never get old

Each hour, each day we will strive to cooperate with each other in order to pass this test
Members will look at utilities around us and realize we are the best

Talking and working from the same page is what it is all about
Together we can handle anything, this I will never doubt

The work on the horizon certainly looms large and tall
Working and standing as one, there is no way we can fall

Tension eased, worry begins to subside and a smile starts to appear
I fall to sleep happy knowing you and I will kick the crap out of next year