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July 31, 2011 tanderson

The gentle shift of a heart, stumbling, lost
Forever is far away, only a word
Past heartaches come at too high of a cost
Loneliness waits to cage you like a bird

But all past sorrows may be forgotten
When two lovely, simple words are spoken
Soft words blossomed from a love begotten
Words that may now mend what was once broken

Gentle “marry me” born of ardent lips
The love poured out from a masculine mask
So strong, but his weakness held in his grip
The sparkle of forever, in which she will bask

Who can’t love this eternal affection
The most splendorous event of this life
More lovely than the sun’s resurrection
It can wash away fears of any strife

The gentle brush of a cradling, rough hand
Nothing has ever felt more sweet before
A ring; it can be simple or more grand
It matters not; for love is at its core

Collette Anderson