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March 7, 2019 Web Developer


Meet Big Sister Krista and Little Sister Ashanti!

Learn more about their story and why they are a perfect match.

Ashanti Backstory: Ashanti was born pre-mature and given a failure to thrive diagnosis in her early months and years. She was adopted at the age of three and her dad refused to let the label or limitations that others gave define her. She has had disappointments along the way. She would like to be a friend to all and often does not fully understand when others don’t have her best intentions at heart. Fast forward; she has improved three grade levels in reading during the last year and has goals to work with children after high school. She has found a niche in being crafty and creative and loves to make friendship bracelets for others.

Introducing Krista: Upon Krista learning about Ashanti, Krista said she definitely had to meet her and knew that they were meant to be matched. Krista’s grandma and mom worked in educational settings with special needs children and Krista felt her experience equipped her to have the patience and understanding to work with kids of all abilities. She never wavered a moment in wanting to meet and spend time with Ashanti. Krista knows she has what it takes to be consistent and be a positive role model in Ashanti’s life.

Match Moment: The overwhelming emotions and energy that filled the room during this new match moment is one for the record books. Little Sister Ashanti’s bright eyes overcame with so much joy, hope and excitement after learning she was going to meet her new Big Sister Krista for the first time. It was all smiles and pure happiness from the moment they met. Needless to say, these two hit it off right away and we can’t wait to hear about all the fun things they will do together!

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