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April 15, 2020 tanderson

On a chilly, blustery day in Myrtle Beach, I had a run for the ages (for me). The course was mostly flat and after 8 miles of a good head wind, we made a turn at mile 19 that put the wind mostly at our back. I hung with a group on 4:30 pace for 25 miles then had a minor crash over the last 1.2 to finish in 4:31:39. This is my fastest time since hip surgery 4 years ago. I am beyond happy as I stayed in a window of 9:54 to 10:37 for 25 miles. #whyyoukeepshowingup #booyah

Now…on to Ohio and the Flying Pig Marathon on May 3. #keepshowingup #pigventure2020

I am hopeful that you all will continue to donate and follow this mission to its 50 state (+DC) completion. #50 is history. Looking forward to the last one and all the challenges (and Ohio hills) to come.