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Late night, car wreck, alcohol….children have lost a 27 & 28 year old father. A shiver crosses my heart and a sick feeling enters my gut. My father was 28, my father was out late, my father had been drinking, my father left three kids at home and my father was not driving. It stops me in my tracks and I fight back tears. I don’t know the individuals and am far from an expert on the subject. I only know that it is not 1963 and this time, I will not be the kid growing up fatherless. Deeply saddened, I also know that it is the beginning of a long and difficult journey every time any mother must explain to a child why daddy won’t be coming home. Continue Reading…

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Come Along For The Run

My goal to complete one marathon in all 50 states (plus DC) to raise funds for Bigs came to an end on May 3, 2020 as I crossed the finish line on final marathon! Thank YOU for following my journey.

To see where my journey took me, check out the interactive map below.

Blue= Marathons Completed

While my journey may have come to an end, I’ve passed the baton so to speak to Chris Girrbach, the co-owner of Great Lakes Potato Chips. Please check out his venture Tri4Kids and follow Chris’ efforts as he aims to complete one triathlon in every state no later than 2040!


Though my journey has ended, please visit Tri4Kids as Chris Girrbach, co-owner of the Great Lakes Potato Chip Company, as he begins his journey of completing one triathlon in every state while raising funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I urge you to continue to support Big Brothers Big Sisters and defend the potential inherent in every child.