Late night, car wreck, alcohol….children have lost a 27 & 28 year old father. A shiver crosses my heart and a sick feeling enters my gut. My father was 28, my father was out late, my father had been drinking, my father left three kids at home and my father was not driving. It stops me in my tracks and I fight back tears. I don’t know the individuals and am far from an expert on the subject. I only know that it is not 1963 and this time, I will not be the kid growing up fatherless. Deeply saddened, I also know that it is the beginning of a long and difficult journey every time any mother must explain to a child why daddy won’t be coming home. Continue Reading…

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Come Along For The Run

The goal? To complete a marathon in all 50 states, raising money for Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

I invite you to experience the journey along with me through the interactive map below.

Blue= marathons I’ve already completed.

Green= marathons scheduled for this year.

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In return for your donation, you will receive M4K swag and bragging rights, but more importantly, you will know that you have helped Big Brothers Big Sisters match more at-risk kids in our community with a caring, adult mentor.

To sign up for the Buck-A-Mile Club, complete the form below and a representative from Big Brothers Big Sisters will contact you to review your payment options and answer any questions you may have.

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What Motivates Me

You lose a piece of your heart when you lose a parent. I liken it to losing your eye sight and your other senses then becoming more acute. When a piece of your heart is lost, the rest seems to remember every small act of encouragement and teaching.


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