• Serving Antrim, Charlevoix, Emmet, Grand Traverse and Kalkaska Counties
December 25, 2004 tanderson

We gather together tonight to share in the season
Holidays, Christmas and New Years are the reason

In the bigger picture, it is a celebration of life that goes by too fast
So, we join those we work with now as well as a few from the past

It is a brief evening to look back at what we do and have done
Lights are on, phones are hung…for a few hours we are not on the run

I like to take a few minutes at this time to look back on our year
Tonight will be a bit different because there is a question you must hear

A short time ago, someone asked me if I could speak about the employees and be proud
An answer given, on I went but as days passed I pondered in silence and out loud

Of course I was proud to be at Cherryland and working with all of you
But it’s more than a name or title, it’s in the work that we do

It shows in the answers provided by the ladies in the Q, always at our defense
Patient and understanding they provide members the information that makes sense

There it is in the accounting group, always busy working harder than you may think
Invoices, work orders, bills and checks using very little red and mostly black ink

Again in the meter department and collections, those who are the force at the meter
Dealing with ugly confrontations, unpaid bills and the occasional cheater

Pride shows in the billing and data work done to keep the numbers all straight
They work to keep processes going and make sure the bills are not late

It appears in materials and warehousing to keep track of our parts and load every truck
The fact that they work efficiently and well, we know is not luck

It is in the shop as the mechanic works on the vehicles, over, under and all around
Fixing, looking, checking until all the problems are found

There it is again, next to those deep in mapping and locating the wire
Many new lines and miss dig requests always holding their feet to the fire

Pride is there in engineering as they are given many a different task
We need this, can’t figure out that, we simply go to them and ask

It is in the construction and maintenance that takes place out in the field each day
How they get it all done we often wonder, but always they find a way
It appears when the call is answered to take an outage at every odd hour
Families are left, jobs go undone, it is simply time to restore the power

Pride is seen in every manager and supervisor fighting each daily “war”
Never do they say enough, we can’t take any more

There it is when you hear the ad or read a co-op story while you sit at home
It is the good feeling you get as you realize nobody does it alone

What do we do all this for, we don’t even ask nor should we wonder why
One of the reasons and my best part is the “we” and not the “I”

Pride is in doing your best each and every day
Taking the extra step, never settling for just halfway

Together we keep the wires up high and the lights on bright
Sometimes under the microscope but most often out of sight

You have my respect, earned my trust and I am glad to work by your side
Never doubt that I will tell others of the work you do with pride

We have come a short ways together with a longer road to go
That I am proud to be here is important for you to know

Please accept this as humble thanks for all the work you have done
Enjoy the party, take a break and have some fun