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December 31, 2005 tanderson

The spirit of Christmas is not a color, event or a choral sound
For me, the spirit of Christmas is in the eyes of those all around

If you look, you will find that eyes will let out more than words can show
The spark in an eye can set a fire to warm those nearby with their glow

Riding with my wife, discussing our gift shopping route
The twinkle in her eye is what I have always been all about

The wide eyed wonder of young kids as wrapping paper is tossed all over the place
Others can have the snow, tree and elves, I just want one more look at each face

A young mom, limited funds, small cart of gifts and worried eyes waits in line
Her prayer and heartfelt wish is that this Christmas will be just a bit more than fine

Teenagers with eyes glazed over, seeking the perfect gift for that special one
They walk about in a daze, their Christmas beating to a single drum

A young couple, smiles wide and eyes that dance with each stride
A first child to shop for, Christmas is renewed in the baby at their side

In the warm eyes of Grandparents there is the glimmer of each Christmas past
With kids and grandchildren gathering around, they yearn for each minute to last

In some eyes, the Christmas light is soft and low, this season a loved one is missing
Another hug, one more smile, a last Christmas kiss is what the eyes are wishing

A family gathering with all eyes creating a shower of life that each can feel
The spirit fills the room through these fireworks, Christmas is here and real

I know in every eye there gleams a ray of hope for those in harms way and out of sight
In each one the wish is for peace on earth and a prayer they are safe another night

The shine in each eye feeds off the Christmas spirit that resides in each heart
While bad times may come, if together, we all know the light will never depart

For those less fortunate, we need to ring a bell, cook a meal, generally lend a hand
When the eye’s light is shared, souls are lifted, finding it easier to stand

Whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas or some other holiday celebration
The light in each eye is my guide through this great time across our nation

Let your eyes be the gift to those who cross your path this season in your unique style
A warm touch is quick and brief, the spirit in your eyes is what lasts awhile

Rejoice in family, friends, gifts and food that are so much of this season
Find a quiet time to remember the first Christmas, let your eyes sparkle with the reason

Tony Anderson, December 2005