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May 20, 2020 Web Developer

Despite Social Distancing, Match Thrives

Little Sister Skye has always had a dynamic, outgoing, full of life personality and has never been afraid to be her authentic self. She is incredibly talented and has the BIGGEST heart – she is always the one to embrace others and make sure everyone is included. While Skye’s energy is captivating, you would never guess the number of distressing encounters and challenges she has experienced in her 17 years of life.  Challenges that most of us never have and never will.

When Skye was just nine years old, her dad made the decision to enroll her in the Bigs’ program because he recognized that she needed a positive female role model in her life. At the time, Skye was finding herself in a caretaker role with her mom who was diagnosed with Bipolar Schizophrenia and who had been out of Skye’s life more than she was in.

While Skye was vivacious on the outside, she was really struggling with her emotions and how to identify healthy outlets. Skye and her Big Sister Kris were matched in the fall of 2013 and Kris instantly realized that Skye simply needed someone in her life to cheer her on, to listen to her, to be interested in her grades, in her successes and failures and in her future. In the last 7 years (and counting), Skye and Kris have created a strong bond that has navigated through the many transitions of elementary school, middle school, to high school where Skye is a now junior and getting ready for an incredible future, one she never imagined would be at her fingertips. Now, despite the social distancing, they have found creative ways to stay connected. Skye and Kris regularly video chat, text and make videos for one another. Skye recently sent Kris a video of herself singing one of her favorite songs and what a treasure this video truly is.

Click the link below and you will be AMAZED at Skye’s rendition of Can’t Help Falling In Love.

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