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September 5, 2011 tanderson

Matched in August of 2008.

Within first two weeks of supervision we learned the family was moving because mom was going into rehab and all the children were being placed with other family members through foster care. The Big continued to meet with the Little consistently while the child was in placement with other family members until the judge decided the family members were not an appropriate fit for the child. The Little was put in foster care just 6 months after being placed with family members.

Once in foster care, the foster family decided they were not willing to work with the big brother to work out scheduling because they had many other foster children to deal with. This made it increasingly hard for the Big to try and keep the consistent connection going with the child, but he persevered. The Big continued to make efforts and with the case manager’s help in getting everyone on the same page they were able to resume some consistent contact.

Yet another 6-months down the road the child was reunited with biological mom who was now out of rehab. Once with mom, the transition took another couple of months for the case manager and Big to work out a consistent schedule that could work for everyone.

Today they are meeting consistently and their friendship continues despite the rough road they encountered.