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July 26, 2016 tanderson

3 Great Sweat Proof Headphones Ideal for Running ( Non-Slip)


Preparing for a marathon is tough and sweaty work, which is why having a pair of sweat proof headphones can be a blessing. It gets irritating after a while when headphones are sliding off your head and earbuds are falling out because the area is so slippery.

It can really detract from a run and the training process as you have to keep stopping so that you can adjust your headphones. The sweat proof ones take all of this away so you can stay active and motivated while running in style.


#1 Gibson Trainer ($250)

These sleek and stylish headphones are endured by the one and only Usain Bolt. They have a fantastic, almost futuristic appearance and provide stunning sound while you run. The quality is so fantastic that it’s like you are actually there with the music. Using Bluetooth, they connect to your music device so that you can stay focused without having to fiddle.

These headphones are highly unlikely to slide off your head because they are sweat proof and have a reinforced headband that acts as a security to make sure it never happens. They are lightweight to relieve pressure on your head, preventing unwanted headaches after a run. They are more expensive than many other brands, but the outstanding quality and comfort is well worth the cost.


#2 Adidas Monster Sport Response ($35)

These earbuds are great, and available at an incredibly affordable price. They are brilliant at staying secure in your ears, partly because they are sweat proof but also thanks to the hooks that attach to the outside of your ear. They will stay in through all of your workouts, providing you with a clear and focused exercise session without compromising on comfort.

They have outstanding sound quality, helping to motivate you during your run or gym session. They are comfortable enough that your ears won’t be left hurting and feeling sore after a run. They are water resistant, so rainfall isn’t going to affect their performance. However, showering in these is certainly not advised.


#3 Yurbuds Ironman ($35)

These headphones are the favourites among endurance athletes and are seen as ideal for marathon training and general exercise. They are sweat proof, providing a fantastic grip in the ear t prevent them from falling out during a run. The sound piece is even protected by a sweat proof layer to prevent any damage.

The sound quality is absolutely amazing, giving a clear and crisp quality throughout your run. The cords are made of cloth, making them comfortable against your skin so that they won’t irritate as much when you are out running. A durable and good quality make; these headphones are some of the best.


There are a large number of sweat proof headphones and earbuds on the market at the moment. Whether you are looking for something cheap and practical, or more expensive and durable, there is a set out there for you. Hopefully this little guide has given you some insight into the next pair you plan on purchasing.

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