Big Brother Travis & Little Brother Zac

This is my hero essay. Honestly I haven't had a hero until last year. That's my big brother Travis. Even though we aren't family I still consider him family. He's been the biggest influence in my life. And how he thinks on life is great.

I like how when I have a problem I can just talk to him about it. Or if I want to get somthing off my chest then I can talk to him. I have cherished the memories and moments I have spent with him. I hope he sticks around in my life a lot and for a long time. If anything he's my best friend. He really listens to me and understands where I am coming from.

When I first heard about him, I thought he would be a fun and sweet guy. But he went above and beyond my expectation. He is my hero. This essay is about a man who spends his time to help a child. This child had been neglected by his mother, took in by abusive foster parents, then adopted by his grandma then to figure out he had a learning disability to make the years to come in school the hardest years of his life. That made the child feel like the luckiest kid in the world and I thank Travis, for that what he does for me means everything.

I'm sort of glad I never met my dad and that my dad didn't want me or I wouldn't have met Travis. I think of him as a brother, a friend, a mentor and a father figure. In the near future he is going to teach me how to hunt and I'm excited for that.

He recently got married and is on his honey moon at the moment. I'll be sure to share this with him because I cherish the moments I spend with him because they are fun. I like the bonding time. I can tell he will stick around in my life for quite a while. He doesn't just do this for no reason. He does this because he it the nicest guy I have ever met.

He has the same sense of humor as me and I like the activities we have done. We have gone swimming, long boarding, fishing and hiking. When we have made outdoor plans and the weather has been bad, we have gone to the movies. We even share the same interests in movies!

When I get married I want the most important guy in my life to be there. I want him to see me go away with the lady I choose to be with the rest of my life, with this guy I trust my life with.

This guy is my guide. This guy is my spiderman. This guy is my batman. This guy is my obi wan kenobi. This guy is my hero and this essay is about him.

Written by Zac B. 8th grade social studies 10/22/14

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